Caminito del Rey

A daring walk in Andulucia

We are nearing the end….of our time here; of the southern end of the geography of Europe; of our lives if we make a wrong step on the Caminito del Rey walkway!

There is so much to blog about, but so few readers, so I will save much of the written descriptions undone for the time being. I will gladly share more when I get home, hopefully either in person with some of you, or by phone.
Since crossing the Strait of Gibraltar, we spent two nights in La Linea de Concepcion, where we walked across to Gibraltar for the day and climbed the rock.

road closed until plane lands!
Encima de la Roca de Gibraltar

Next, we went to Malaga. We spent the night in town and climbed the hill to the castle the next day.

Christmas decor in downtown Malaga
Spanish hottie I met in Malaga

Next we rented a car and have been touring Andalucia the last few days. The first night we spent in Ronda, one of the White Hill Towns. The next day we hiked the gorge of the Caminito del Rey and then drove west to Jerez and stayed on the Atlantic coast. We have eaten a lot of olives and drove several hours today with olive groves in view as far as the eye can see.

swinging bridge (it was windy)
one of the white hill towns of Andalucia

We are now in Granada, arguably the most frustrating city on the planet to drive and navigate through. Our car is parked in a garage below the hotel. It will stay there until we are finished walking the few miles to, around, and returning from the Alhambra Palace tomorrow. Then it will be a short trip down to the Costa del Sol for another night. After that, one last white hill town of Frigiliana before turning the rental car back in. Then, just a quick flight back to Barca to spend one last day there before flying back to a place that speaks English; football, UConn women’s basketball, cold, snow, IPA, and our life in NE Bend.

Esperamos que tengan una Feliz Navidad y un Prospero Ano Nuevo!

Mick y Beth

3 thoughts on “Caminito del Rey

  1. Wow again. I’m so grateful you are sharing some of your adventure in both pictures and words–it makes the places you’ve visited come alive! (Good thing I wasn’t with you on your walk in Andulucia–I’m such a chicken with heights!)


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