Mick McCann

Explorer; Geographer; Writer; Retired Wilderness Guide

My passion has been learning about and exploring interesting places (every place is interesting in some way). I love the uniqueness of places that I’ve either been to or plan to explore.

My formal educational training is in Physical Geography (M.A. Georgia State University). Before becoming a college professor, I used that training to guide novices through the fjords of Southeast Alaska in sea kayaks. I did that for 10 years. Blogs about those adventures can be found by clicking on the Alaska/Canada link.

Although I primarily like the outdoors and remote places, I also like exploring urban environments. When I grow up someday, my goal is to become a street wise mountain man!

Having lived in both Mexico and Catalunya, I speak Spanish pretty well and it has come in handy not only in my travels in Latin America, but in some places that you would not normally think of (Sweden, Austria, Morocco)

I’ve been to 50 foreign countries and all 50 U.S. states. My hope is that you will be transported to those places as you read the stories on the blog, and feel like you have been there at the end of reading a post. Come share a travel experience vicariously with us! The blogs are categorized by geographic region to make searching a bit easier for you. Come and explore our beautiful world and meet some of the interesting people we have met in our travels. I encourage your thoughts and invite you to continue a conversation about those places, or suggestions of which new areas you would like to explore!

Most of the pictures are mine and are not to be used without permission by anyone for any purpose to generate revenue. Any pictures or graphs that are not mine have citations acknowledging the author. Anyone is free to share the blogs on another platform that is not a revenue generating platform, such as Facebook, or LinkedIn. Any publisher who would like to repost a blog in a magazine format may negotiate one time rights for publication with me.


by email at mickmccann@msn.com OR


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