One Epic USA Road Trip: Bike Trails, Ballparks, and Natural Highs- Oh My!

An overview of a 40 day road trip from Oregon to Georgia and back, with helpful hints for cross country road travel with interesting stops in several states. Subsequent posts will provide more detail about specific locations on the route.

A Second Chance at the Falklands: Climbing Mount Tumbledown

Description of a hike of Mt. Tumbledown on East Falkland, exploring the town of Stanley and revisiting battle sites of the 1982 Falklands War. An acknowledgement of a second chance for a one time opportunity due to the death of a fellow traveler. A description of the physical and cultural environment in and around Stanley.

South Georgia Island: A Toast to Sir Ernest Shackleton at his Grave Site

An overview of the former whaling station of Grytviken and a visit to Sir Ernest’s grave site. A recount of his epic journey to South Georgia from Antarctica over 100 years ago.

South Georgia Island: The Serengeti of the Sea

An account of abundant wildlife encounters with King Penguins, fur seals, elephant seals, and bird life with some of the highest concentrations of wildlife on the entire planet.

A Falkland Islands Frolic: Las Islas Malvinas

First zodiac landings on the expedition to the Malvinas (Falkland) Islands, with visits to Grave Cove and West Point Island in West Falkland to see wildlife. Also, a brief history of the Falkland Islands.

A Postcard from the End of the World

I traveled all of the way to the End of the World and found that there was a post office there. It took two days of flying, through five different airports, two bus rides and some walking to get here. Almost 10,000 miles later I’ve finally arrived. Ironically, many people who take this journey onlyContinue reading “A Postcard from the End of the World”

Magical Montenegro

Some places you travel to you will only visit once. Real special places make you want to come back, and they give you special memories each time you return. Montenegro is one of those places. Whether you are looking for stunningly beautiful coastlines, rugged mountains, or charming centuries old villages, you need to look noContinue reading “Magical Montenegro”