Becoming John Wesley Powell

At some point in our lives we will all be faced with becoming John Wesley Powell in one way or another. I’ve always admired the famous explorer John Wesley Powell (1834-1902). He was one of the first explorers to run the mighty Colorado River through the Grand Canyon in 1869. He was an explorer, geologist,Continue reading “Becoming John Wesley Powell”

Herschel Island Odyssey-Driving the Dempster Highway through the Canadian Arctic

chronicle of a trip up the lonely Dempster Highway to its end in Inuvik, NWT and a bush plane trip to remote Herschel Island in the Arctic Ocean off the northern coast of Yukon.

A Pandemic, A Geographer, and a Chestnut Tree

These three things seem unrelated at first glance. Upon further inspection, you may see that they are actually tightly woven together. The mighty American Chestnut tree was once the dominant canopy species in the forests of Eastern North America. That is, until a blight from China in 1904 entered our country in the port ofContinue reading “A Pandemic, A Geographer, and a Chestnut Tree”