Happy Waitangi Day: How are you remembering it?

Today is February 5th in North America, but across the international date line it is February 6th. I landed in Auckland 30 years ago today and found the banks and many businesses were closed. I couldn’t change my U.S. dollars into New Zealand dollars. Public transport was largely unavailable. Why was everything closed on Feb.Continue reading “Happy Waitangi Day: How are you remembering it?”

Ethereal Altiplano- A Natural High on My first night in Chile

My first excursion to the Republic of Chile didn’t go anywhere near what I had planned. The money changers at the border didn’t want to change my $100 bill, saying that the serial number was too new. I only had the equivalent of $11 USD in Bolivian money in my pocket. Although they offered toContinue reading “Ethereal Altiplano- A Natural High on My first night in Chile”

The consequences of casual, concise Klondike encounters

How many times do we have casual encounters with a stranger? We may exchange pleasantries in line at the grocery checkout, or acknowledge a stranger walking by on the opposite sidewalk. We presume that these brief encounters are not meaningful. However, two people who have had a profound influence on my life were strangers whoContinue reading “The consequences of casual, concise Klondike encounters”

Urban Night hiking: observations on culture

We got back home to Bend, Oregon on December 20 after three months away, most of that in Barcelona, Catalunya. With the help of Beth’s fit bit, we figured we had walked more than 600 miles in the 93 days we were gone, with most of that in urban areas of Spain, Ireland, Czechia, andContinue reading “Urban Night hiking: observations on culture”

Between a Rock and a Hard Place

Part of Spain lays on the African continent. In many ways, the location puts it right in between a rock and a hard place. We are in Ceuta now. Ceuta is in Africa. It is also part of Spain. We crossed the border on foot today, passing the beggars and poverty of Morocco and enteredContinue reading “Between a Rock and a Hard Place”

Chilled Whines and a Scary Costco in the Basque Country

Friday November 15, 2019…. After a night of tossing and turning worrying about oversleeping and missing our pre-dawn departure to the Basque Country, we heard the alarm sound at 5AM. The thermometer read 8C, a chilly morning….I got in the hot shower to revive my tired body and made a cup of thick instant coffee.Continue reading “Chilled Whines and a Scary Costco in the Basque Country”