Walking Redmond, Oregon

When thinking about recreating in Central Oregon, don’t overlook Redmond. Bend gets most of the press, but we recently drove to the town to our north for a weekend hike and were not disappointed. With gas prices being sky high, we are doing much more urban hiking closer to home. We combined walking the pavedContinue reading “Walking Redmond, Oregon”

Walking the Road to Nowhere…. to Get Somewhere

A walk down a real road to Nowhere which is a metaphor for our lives. The concept of Nowhere is a social construction, so everywhere ends up being a somewhere. Ends with a call to action to make a more Sustainable World for ourselves as well as those who come after us, and a call for all of us to be Citizen Geographers.

Camping Alone: Listening as the Forest Speaks

a description recent life changes and of some of my favorite secret hiding places in Deschutes National Forest. Disclaimer…there is NO SUCH road as 7713…I don’t really want you to find it. Go find your own special place and cherish it!

What a Shitty Day looks like in Central Oregon

A one day documentary of what I though was a bad day, but later gained a new perspective on dealing with unpleasantness in life. Animal scat as a metaphor for life’s challenges. Comparing what a bad day might look like in different locations, and thoughts on how to change your perspective on it.

Discovering NOWHERE : Have You Been Missing Out on Experiencing a New Special Place?

What does NOWHERE have to offer us that other places don’t? Some go there for solitude and to find a place to heal and recover from the stresses of life. Others seek it out for the Freedom it offers. Whatever your reason, you can find what you want or need in “undiscovered” places. And, WhereContinue reading “Discovering NOWHERE : Have You Been Missing Out on Experiencing a New Special Place?”

B.R.O.A.D. (Bike Riding Oregon Across the Desert)

Burns, Oregon on a very hot summer day a long time ago. We were packing up our bicycles outside of the Thriftway Grocery store when the man approached, gave us a long look and then spoke. “Are you boys riding all the way across the desert to Ontario?” he asked. “No”, we replied. “We’re headingContinue reading “B.R.O.A.D. (Bike Riding Oregon Across the Desert)”