Touring Bend Oregon with Flat Simon

A tour of Bend, Oregon with a fictional British Boy who sent himself via the mail from Sellincourt Primary school in London, England. We’re documenting his trip for his classmates back home, so that they AND YOU can learn about our city.

What a Shitty Day looks like in Central Oregon

A one day documentary of what I though was a bad day, but later gained a new perspective on dealing with unpleasantness in life. Animal scat as a metaphor for life’s challenges. Comparing what a bad day might look like in different locations, and thoughts on how to change your perspective on it.

Hiking Section A of the Pacific Crest Trail: Ouch! and other names on the trail

A story of a 90 mile hike on the PCT near the Mexican border north to Warner Springs. Notes on the culture of the trail and stories of interesting people met on the trail, as well as a description of the hike.

Cari-BOO and Ice Biking in Canada’s Northwest Territories

“There’s TWO places you’ve got to experience before you die”, the old man I met on the Chilkoot Trail told me. Boy, was he right! Two years after that meeting, my friends and I were bike-packing the Canol Heritage Trail through the Mackenzie Mountains, in a remote corner of Canada’s Northwest Territories. The Canol “Road”Continue reading “Cari-BOO and Ice Biking in Canada’s Northwest Territories”

Heavenly Lofoten: Just 550 miles north of Hell

Up by the Arctic Circle, in the country of Norway, exists a magical place…a place like no other place on earth. It’s almost like Heaven on Earth. And the interesting thing is…… It is only 550 miles north of Hell! If you want to get to Heaven….you just might have to take a ferry toContinue reading “Heavenly Lofoten: Just 550 miles north of Hell”

Skellig Michael- Before Luke Skywalker was there

You don’t have to be a Star Wars fan to fall in love with Skellig Michael, a real world magical place which doubles as the mythical planet AHCH-TO, the supposed birthplace of the Jedi-order. It was the filming location for the final scene in the Star Wars movie, “The Force Awakens”. The force is strongContinue reading “Skellig Michael- Before Luke Skywalker was there”