Walking Redmond, Oregon

When thinking about recreating in Central Oregon, don’t overlook Redmond. Bend gets most of the press, but we recently drove to the town to our north for a weekend hike and were not disappointed. With gas prices being sky high, we are doing much more urban hiking closer to home. We combined walking the pavedContinue reading “Walking Redmond, Oregon”

A walk in NE Bend: Finding Hidden Gems

It’s always exciting to discover something new. Most of us will travel far for new experiences. It is even better when you only have to walk out your front door and discover something new about your own area. Beth and I have been taking a lot of neighborhood walks, and each area of town hasContinue reading “A walk in NE Bend: Finding Hidden Gems”

Pedestrian Friendly neighborhoods?

How pedestrian friendly is your neighborhood? Do you have sidewalks to walk on? Do you feel safe crossing a busy street? As Bend, Oregon is growing so fast, we have been doing a lot of urban hiking and comparing the walk-ability of different neighborhoods. Beth and I have a route that we now take fairlyContinue reading “Pedestrian Friendly neighborhoods?”

Urban Night hiking: observations on culture

We got back home to Bend, Oregon on December 20 after three months away, most of that in Barcelona, Catalunya. With the help of Beth’s fit bit, we figured we had walked more than 600 miles in the 93 days we were gone, with most of that in urban areas of Spain, Ireland, Czechia, andContinue reading “Urban Night hiking: observations on culture”