Which Georgia is on Your Mind?

I have so many Georgias on my mind. The place called Georgia is the theme of many popular songs. One of my favorites is Ray Charles singing “Georgia on My Mind”. Famous popular songs always bring us back to a special place when we hear them. But, depending on who you are or where youContinue reading “Which Georgia is on Your Mind?”

A trip through Hell: Not as hot as you might think

Although 2020 was a hellish year for many of us, I look back to 2004 as the year I literally went through Hell. Not figuratively, but LITERALLY. It wasn’t nearly as bad as I thought it would be. I mean, it wasn’t even that hot. Given the fact that Hell’s latitude is about 63.5 degreesContinue reading “A trip through Hell: Not as hot as you might think”

Sumdum Mountain and Sumdum Glacier: What’s in a name?

While giving a lecture about the Natural History of Southeast Alaska at a local museum, I explained the forces which shaped much of the beautiful landscape of the area. Then, towards the end of the presentation, I quickly flipped through a couple of pictures and declared, “this is a shot of Sumdum Mountain” and theContinue reading “Sumdum Mountain and Sumdum Glacier: What’s in a name?”